Deanna Maran Foundation scholarships and grants are made possible by gifts from our supporters.

For Students:
Scholarships for graduating seniors are offered to students at Long Beach Polytechnic High School and Santa Monica High School. Please contact your guidance counselor for an application.

For Teachers:
The Deanna Maran Foundation offers grants of up to $500 to students and K-12 classroom teachers for implementing projects in their schools and communities. Proposals from other educators such as community organizations and churches will be considered on the basis of direct student impact.

All grant applications must be postmarked by April 17. Applications will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Download an application (pdf)

Sample Application (pdf)

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Types of projects funded by The Deanna Maran Foundation should be:
* small-scale, resourceful and student-focused, promoting non-violence, peacemaking, community service or any other aspect of non-violence education;
* clearly defined, well-integrated and tailored to the specified needs and interests of particular learners and their communities;
* economically responsible, involving staff participation, community volunteers and in-kind contributions wherever possible;
* sustainable in some way, rather than one-time-only events or activities.

Funding Limitations
The Deanna Maran Foundation for Non-Violence generally funds projects that promise the most direct and immediate student impact. For this reason, salaries, stipends, presenter fees, overhead costs, travel expenses, food items and computer hardware are not normally within the realm of funding.
When a Deanna Maran Foundation grant is a fraction of a much larger proposal, or is sought to underwrite the cost of other tolerance-related programs, funding is unlikely.

Submitting Grant Proposals
* There is no deadline for proposals;
* Grants are restricted to one per applicant or school per school year;
* Grants are not renewable;
* Application materials are non-returnable;
* All proposals must be submitted using the Deanna Maran Foundation for

Non-Violence Grant Application Form and should contain the following:
1. A contact person (one person only, please)
2. A detailed budget
3. A one-to-two page (maximum) narrative

If your proposal is accepted, you will be asked to submit a report telling how the project was implemented and the effect it had on your school and community. We assume permission to write (or ask you to write) about your project for possible publication in Deanna Maran Foundation for Non-Violence materials and website.

We will respond in writing to all applicants. Applications are reviewed annually in April.

Download an application (pdf)

Complete the application, then mail it with the required attachments to:

Grants Administrator
Deanna Maran Foundation for Non-Violence Grants
P.O. Box 7037
San Carlos, CA 94070




The Deanna Maran Foundation relies upon tax deductible contributions for financial aid.

You can donate using Pay Pal or by sending a check to:

Deanna Maran Foundation for Non-Violence
P.O. Box 7037
San Carlos, CA 94070

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Thank you for your continued support of the Deanna Maran Foundation for Non Violence