Sociology class of Lara Sandora at Andrew Hill High School,San Jose, CA

Testimonials gathered after a unit on non-violence using the Deanna Maran Foundation for Non-Violence resources, culminating with guest speaker, Amika Maran.

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"Amika Maran came to one of my classes to talk about Deanna and about non-violence. I really got a lot from the things she said. I remembered times when I was one of the people in the circle, edging the people on. Now I look back, and wonder how I could have been so stupid. I look at things in a different light now. Thank you so much for talking to my class. The things Amika said will remain with me forever." -Emmanuel Oliveria

"As much as I try to forget what happened to Deanna that night, it still hurts deep in my heart to know that someone has lost such a good person in less than a minute. Having this presentation has changed the way I feel, I can prevent something that I never thought possible. If there is more people that feel the way I do, then we can make a difference." -Erica Diaz

" I think that the presentation was an overall positive experience. I also think that every student should hear the story because its an eye opener to what the possibilities are to fighting. It was a reality check for all. Thank you!!" -Elizabeth Estrada

"I'm very sorry for the lose of a great person. She was ripped out of this world too soon. Deanna's story will always be with me. When ever I see fights and the ring of people starting to form, I'll remember that terrible night. How a great person was senselessly killed over nothing. The presantation was really good. I really got a lot from it. The activities made it better because it got us to really see what Amika was trying to say, what she was trying to stop. It was easier for us to understand what Amika saying. Thank you so much to Amika for taking time to talk to our class. It really meant a lot to us." -Anonymous

English class of Melissa Falcon at James Lick High School, San Jose, CA

Testimonials gathered after a unit on non-violence, using the Deanna Maran Foundation for Non-Violence curriculum. In response to the question, ?What will you do to try to help spread non-violence?

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“Try to have people stop fighting . . . and respect each other." - Jenny

“Recognize the cluster (around a fight) . . . and try to stop it.” -Daniel

“Be more respectful to other people.” -Jessie

“Help others (with) their problems.” -Mirela

“Try to hold my friends back (when they want to fight).” -Nolan

“Help stop a fight.” -Richard

“Be nice to people.” -Jon-Li

“Try to find a parent or older person to hold them back (from a fight).” -Raul

“Have more guest speakers to tell us about what violence can lead to.” -Ambrosia

“Tell my friends not to fight.” -Michael

“Stop encouraging to fight.” -Craig

“Make sure to stop (a potential fight).” -Manuel



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