The following are selections from Deanna's written work completed during seventh through tenth grade.

I Am From...

I am from the smell of lumpia...

I am from the smell of lumpia,
Cooking in the kitchen.
I am from the sound of my mom,
Getting all our names mixed up.

I am from the sound of us kids,
Laughing while playing tag in Joslyn Park
The sound of screaming in Julian's pool.
The sound of Nerf Guns going off
While playing gladiators in Julian's back yard.

I am from Saturday morning cartoons with
Batman Beyond and Max Steele
I am from movie nights on Wednesdays
With my sister Boopsie watching
16 candles, Ferris Buellar's Day Off,
Dirty Dancing, and Flash Dance
Over and over again.

I am from a family with high expectations.
Amika: a director for Teach For America
Chichi: the landscape architect
Boopsie: the business owner.
Ilja: the engineer.
And me...

I am from a hardworking family
Who works together on the
Properties we own in
Long Beach and Santa Monica.

I am from a line of high achieving sisters.
I am from a well to do family
Who have become all successful
Easily on their own.

But yet I'm the only one
Who still doesn't know
What she is going to do.

I am from...

by Deanna Maran
January 23, 2001, 9th Grade


Ugliness is the yellow Teletubbie who jocked my nickname, “Lala,” but spells it
Ugliness is the blue jacket that Hollias always wears.
Ugliness is the pug in the neighborhood that won’t stop barking in the mornings
Ugliness is the picture of, “taz” hanging in my brother’s room which always scares me when I see it.
Ugliness is the picture I drew of my totally doesn’t look like him.
Ugliness is the pair of purple shoes my sister has that don’t match with any of her clothes, but she thinks they’re cool

Love is

Love is the red rose you gave me on our first date. Love is the card you made yourself for me on Valentine's Day. Love is our hands holding onto each other, as we walk along the beach. Love is my heart beating faster and faster as I see you walking towards me. Love is your eyes looking into mine Already knowing what I am thinking. Love is... you and ....I.

By Deanna Maran
8th Grade




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