The following ready-to-use Curriculum serve as a tool for educators to bring the techniques of conflict resolution to the classroom. Download free lesson plans below and we encourage you to email us with your testimonials to

RAP - Reaching Adolescent Potential
After months involved in a project called R.A.P., students began to know themselves as advocates for other teens, humans who can stand beside others amongst the similarities of age and the differences of culture. In doing this, they began to reach their own potential in human relationships.

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VIOLENCE - Recognize it, Prevent it, Stop it
Students will be able to evaluate what creates a violent confrontation, what could be done to prevent it, and what could be done to stop it all together

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A Curriculum for Fourth Graders
This curriculum provides lesson plans for eight class sessions in which students in fourth grade can explore the concepts of nonviolence. Each lesson is based on student generated questions about the nature of nonviolence that lead to increased individual student responsibility.

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